Our new name

We're excited to announce our new name - Tessellate Design Studio

Our new name

From November 2015, our company name will be changing from Daniel Hills Design Ltd to Tessellate Design Studio Ltd.

The most important thing to note is that nothing has changed apart from our name – we’re the same team and will continue to operate as normal.

We just wanted a new name that better reflects the contribution of our team and the quality of the work we produce in the studio.

So why Tessellate Design Studio?

Our original name came out of Daniel Hills’ work as a freelancer, however as our team has grown we felt that we needed a new name that better reflects our work.

The word ‘tessellate’ (or tessellation) is a collection of shapes that fit together without gaps to form a plane or surface. Tessellation is also related to mosaics, one of the oldest art forms, which is the process of assembling many small pieces together to create a bigger picture.

Tessellation is a good representation of our design process – where a number of ideas and concepts come together to form the finished design.

We love this idea of tessellation – this coming together of colour, line and shape to create something bigger – it’s what we’re passionate about here and we think it’s a pretty great word.